This is truly a wonderful barn! I have two horses here. The owneris always there to do what ever he can to make you and your horse happy. He never ever complains, always has a smile on his face..and says is there anything you need? Jim not only loves "all" the horses, he and his wife Georgette love all animals. His barn, indoor arena and stalls are kept immaculate and the horses get care 24/7. This barn has a very relaxed family atmosphere and you will always feel welcome no matter what your expertise. It's really a great group of people, a wonderful friendly family environment and "all" the boarders get along. They are always ready to help one another. I really can't say enough about Circle A Ranch  . We love it!

Jeanne Renzo

I have been bringing our horses here during the winter months and riding. Jim is always making sure folks are happy & is willing to do whatever may be needed to help make things better. The folks here are kind & pleasant. Even though it's cold (I hate the cold) I still manage to have fun every time I'm here

Susan Wyman

Absolutely wonderful barn! Gorgeous arena and stalls! If more people were like theowner, Jim the world would be a beautiful place! He truly cares about not only the horses, but the people who go there as well!

Emily Wentworth

They are really great down to earth people! You will never feel out of place at their barn. I always feel welcomed, even if I am not a horse owner.

Amanda Roseane

I rent the arena every month. Love riding there and always treated wonderfully!

Amanda Schuman

I board one of my horse's there. It's great. Indoor arena and big 12 x 12 stalls. Large paddocks and lots of trails. Reserve your stall now. Only a couple left. The owners are terrific !!!!!!:)

Jodie Doroski

I own 2 horses and board them both at Circle A Ranch. I've never felt more at home at a barn, the people are fantastic and Jim is caring and passionate about these horses and all animals. Bring your horses here if you want a good reliable barn:)

Danielle Schafer

Circle A Ranch provides a safe enjoyable atmosphere for the horse. The facility is a welcome addition to the community,  expanding the scope of a trail operation to an education center promoting a better and natural way for the horse.
Dan McCarthy
Thank You and your staff, for the kindness you showed during a very difficult time. Kingsley had some of his best days at your Circle A Ranch.
Ed & Kate Ferreira
We had so much fun....and the kids did too :) We have been waiting a long time for something like this to be so accessible and so fantastic! We can't wait to come back! You guys are great and what a beautiful place... We hope you stay there
The Hansen Family, Jefferson, NY
Hello Jim
I thank you for taking so good care of our horses.
You Guys Are GREAT!!!!
Thank You So Much!!!
Your Services Are Second To None!!!
Tom and Joanne Knight
Our Horse Seems So Much Happier Since Moving To Your Farm.
He Loves All The Attention He Recieves From You
Thank You For The Exceptional Care You Provide.
 Hey Jim!
I can see the difference in Buster after moving him to Circle A Ranch! He's so happy and that makes me happy! Thank you so much for making Circle A Buster's home and taking wonderful care of him.
Crystal Zettl

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